Garces Foundation

A Recipe to Serve More.

Founded in 2012, Garces Foundation is proud to be able to give back and serve the community.  The non-profit organization is committed to ensuring that Philadelphia’s underserved immigrant community has access to health and educational services.  The foundation currently runs three programs which aim to address specific needs within the community and are structured to change as the needs of the immigrant community change.

The restaurant industry is the fifth largest employer of Latinos in Philadelphia, so the Foundation’s mission is incredibly important to the overall Garces family, and the hospitality industry at large.

Community Health Days: A quarterly clinic program where uninsured patients receive free dental care, physicals, and medical screenings.

English for the Restaurant: 25% of Philadelphia restaurant workers are Hispanic.  English for the Restaurant English as a second language classes for restaurant workers, aims to narrow the language and cultural gap in the workplace and beyond.

Luna Farm Field Trips: Trips to the Garces family 40 acre Bucks County farm, where Philadelphia school students grow and harvest fruits and vegetables, practice fun ways to exercise, learn the importance of a healthy diet, and cook fresh, nutritious meals.

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